Moving on, after moving out

Breaking up is hard to do. Once you have heard how Ashley moved on and moved out after her divorce, her story will hopefully inspire you.

Moving on may not be so hard to do. If you are moving out of a home that you have shared with your partner or husband, getting on with your life after that can be an extremely difficult, stressful and emotional time.

In 2012, Ashley and her husband had just finished building their dream home. Everything seemed to be going right for the 60-year-old, finally they would be able to settle down and enjoy the home that took them 5 years to build. 6 months later, Ashley’s husband, no longer wanted to stay married to Ashley and wanted her out of the house that he owned but had built with her. Ashley said she watched the house being built from the beginning, which was a stressful experience for both of them. She said that she couldn’t believe that after all that, her husband was wanting her to take her furniture and leave.

Moving out and moving on

Ashley’s daughter found her a place to live in the nick of time and luckily for very little rent. Whatever couldn’t fit into her new cottage, as she needed as much extra space as she could, she put in public storage.

Eventually Ashley had to find somewhere more permanent to live but unfortunately the apartment she found was much smaller. Ashley needed to increase her storage units size to keep her furniture and other belongings safe and secure.

Ashley contacted us to reserve to accommodate her household storage and tried to the rent the cheapest storage container we had to offer. Going through a divorce in one’s life and having to move out can really shake a person up. Ashley’s decision to keep everything in self storage, has helped her cope with the unpredictable predicament she found herself in.

Perhaps one day Ashley will find a home which will be big enough for her household furniture and belongings, but for now, knowing that her stuff will be cared for in safe and convenient storage, makes life easier.