What needs to go to your storage unit

Reserve to accommodate the following items in your storage unit

  • Store your out-of-season clothing and footwear.
  • Box up items that clutter your cupboards, taking up extra space, like excess towels, the good silver set only used on holidays, extra blankets aneeded only in winter.
  • Store photos and artworks in your self storage container that make the room look too busy or unused collectors or inherited’ items that just don’t fit your current décor.
  • If you have several collections of crockery or cooking items you may want to place them in a storage unit and rotate them at a later time.
  • Pack away extra toys and books to create extra space in your household. These items can be rotated every few months or less proving to be a safe and convenient storage solution.
  • Keep archived documents and other papers in a plastic storage container that you may need but don’t need to review on a regular basis. This way you will maintain the integrity of the document.