4 easy DIY Ideas to help you organize your household storage

4 easy DIY Ideas to help you organize your household storage

We’ve discovered that these three household items, PVC pipes, shower curtain hooks and tension rods can help you DIY quest for organization options. Organizing your household storage can be one overwhelming task. Between piles of shoes, accessories and outfits, it’s tough to not only sort through your things, but to come up with an effective system that works.

Create extra space for your household

Before you start organizing your cupboard, it’s important to take a few necessary steps beforehand. By doing a quick inventory of what you have and what you’d like to get rid of, you can figure out how much extra space you need for your belongings. Here are some ways to create more extra space in your cupboards:

  • You only need the necessities in life. Perhaps the most important part of cupboard organization is deciding what you’re going to keep and find extra space for. Keep the items you wear on a daily or weekly basis easily accessible and reassign everything else to harder to get area of the cupboard or storage unit.
  • Renovate your cupboard. Before you get to organizing your cupboard, take a look at your empty space. Would you like to add paint? A mirror? A light? Shelves? Now is the time to do so! Painting the interior a pretty color that will compliment the rest of your home will also inspire you to keep your household storage space tidy.
  • Household storage solutions.  Buy or storage containers, baskets, shelving, chests of drawers, hooks and rods that make it easier to store your stuff. The aesthetically pleasing your household is, the more likely you are to keep it organized.
  • Increasing your storage space. By raising the existing shelf and clothing rod a few cm, you’ll be able to create extra space. Don’t overlook the back of the cupboard doors, they are an useful area to hang household storage items.

On a budget?

Once you have created extra space for your cupboard, it’s time to DIY! Whether you’re somewhat disorganised or OCD, the process may be overwhelming at first. Between giving away the clothes you never wear, sorting through the ones you have, and trying to keep your household looking fabulously neat and organised, cupboard maintenance takes time, patience and a whole lot of organization.

Despite the size and layout of your household storage area, there are cheaper alternatives for every pricey cupboard solution offered by large retailers. With five simple products, you’ll have your cupboard looking clean and organized in no time.

Separate your items with PVC pipe.

When it comes to simple, budget-friendly methods of organization, PVC pipes are some of the most versatile tools on the market. Because they come in so many sizes, they can be used pretty much anywhere—especially for DIY cupboard organization! Here are three different ways to organize your cupboard with PVC pipe:

  • Shoe racks. PVC pipe can be arranged into the perfect space-saving shoe organizer. Cut PVC pipe into smaller pieces, glue the tops and sides of the cylinders, and place a pair of shoes into each individual slot. You can always add more slots as your shoe collection grows!
  • Drawer dividers. Tired of dealing with messy, overflowing drawers? PVC pipe acts as the perfect dividers for your smaller pieces of clothing. Simply cut thin pieces and assemble them next to each other inside of your drawers. These dividers will work best for socks, bras, underwear, ties and scarves.
  • Accessory hooks. If you’re looking for extra space to hang your items on a closet wall or the inside of a door, PVC pipe makes for a versatile tool. Look for curved PVC pipe attachments from your local hardware store and attach them as hooks for purses and bags. They even come with built-in storage for sunglasses, wallets, keys and other small accessories.

Shower curtain hooks to organize accesssories.

Shower curtain hooks are one of the best DIY cupboard organization ideas when on a budget. These little, nondescript hooks are not only available in large quantities for very little money, but they solve a large amount of the random cupboard organizing issues you’ve probably given up on.

Here’s how shower curtain hooks can help you organize your cupboard:

  • If you’ve been folding your Jeans and keeping them in drawers, think about mixing it up! By hanging your jeans from their belt loops on shower hooks, you can keep them visible so that you won’t have to go digging through a drawer for the right pair.
  • Another solution for maximum visibility: Tshirts hung from shower curtain rings. This keeps all of your Tshirts on one hanger, without layering them up and making it impossible to grab one without taking the rest apart. It’s better than keeping them piled up in drawers, too.
  • Shower curtain hooks also work for the storage of pretty much any Accessory—scarves, caps, jewellery, purses, ties and more. They can all be hung from shower curtain hooks on hangers or curtain rods for easy accessibility. The best thing about being able to hang everything without sacrificing extra space is that nothing gets wrinkled the way things do when folded or tossed in a bin.

Go vertical with tension rods.

Tension rods are lifesavers when it comes to organizing the household, from spray bottles in the pantry or kitchen, to rakes and sports equipment in the garage, there are endless uses for this simple item. By adding a single tension rod to your cupboard, you can transform the entire space!

The best part about tension rods is that they don’t just help organize your belongings; they actually add more space to what you already have. Whether you add a tension rod close to the floor or above a high shelf, you’re adding vertical storage and maximizing the space in your cupboard.

Here are a few ways to utilize tension rods for organizing your cupboard:

  • Create a Shoe rack for high heels, flats and tennis shoes.
  • Organize your Scarves by wrapping them around the tension rod.
  • Hang your Necklaces and Bracelets without getting them tangled.
  • Place your Hats on tension rods above your cupboard shelves.
  • Use them in small spaces to hang Baby clothes and accessories.

Gather your belongings in baskets.

If you’re looking for a quick, easy and budget-friendly way to organize your cupboard, self storage baskets can help create the perfect system for gathering your smaller items. These baskets can be wicker, cloth, or even plastic. Instead of losing your small accessories in drawers, why not keep them in themed baskets in your cupboard? Here’s who they would benefit the most:

  • Small-cupboards. If you don’t have a large cupboard, baskets are a great way to create extra space for your items. If you don’t happen to have a ton of overhead shelving or floor shelving in your cupboard, shelves can be added to walls or the backs of doors fairly easily.
  • Hat collectors. If you happen to be a hat person, baskets for storage units are perfect for stacking your hats until you need to wear them. They work great on overhead shelves at the top of your cupboard and give you an affordable way to keep your caps/hats organized.
  • Accessory lovers. If you’re someone with lots of belts, scarves, purses, wallets, clutches, etc, simple baskets make the perfect home for these smaller items. Instead of placing them in a drawer, create designated baskets as storage containers for each item you’d like to store in your cupboard.

Next time you’re in the mood to give your cupboard a little TLC, don’t go running to the store to buy expensive traditional cupboard solutions. Instead, use these unique, inexpensive and DIY cupboard organization ideas to keep your room looking neat and tidy.