4 Steps for preserving storage items during long-term public storage

4 Steps for preserving storage items

The length of how long an item can be stored depends a lot on the protection and placement of the items you choose to store.

1. Clean
Wipe all furniture with a fresh cloth with the right cleaner for the type of material i.e. metal, wood, glass, etc.
let the item breathe in a well-ventilated area and dry completely before covering to prevent mould.

2. Disassemble for Easy Transport
Before you reserve to accommodate your storage unit, disassemble larger pieces furniture for household storage before the moving service takes the items to your self storage container.

Wrap these items and label these pieces together to stay organized.

3. Cover and Protect
Bubble wrap can be used to wrap items, such as framed pictures, mirrors, lamps.

Plastic storage packaging can suffocate certain materials like wood and fabrics. This can lead to mould forming. Alternatively use drop cloths, sheets or blankets to keep dust away and allow air to circulate.

4. Storing strategically
Maximise extra space in your storage unit allowing air to flow freely between the furniture, which will help protect your items, reducing the risk of accidental damage to your pieces should you ever need to remove them from your self storage units.